Aby Tannas

Hello, my name is Aby.

I took up photography about four years ago. I live on Vancouver Island, where it rains for almost half the year and the sky is constantly grey. I felt constantly starved for vibrant colours and light. I started with flowers, capturing their lines, shapes, textures and their vibrant colours which I desperately craved. From there my photography has slowly evolved, however my goal has always been the same. I want to capture the essence of my subject, whatever or whoever it may be. While I specialize in travel photography, my guilty pleasure is street photography. I want to make pictures that can transport viewers to a certain place and be present in that moment. I want to make pictures that evoke emotions and resonate.

Please leave me a message or send me an e-mail if you’d like to work with me or if you would like to purchase some of my images. More about me and The Hangry Beast


Beautiful Seoul

When I was still in university, I lived in a student residence. I was young, I was having a lot of fun and I was also almost always broke. My neighbourhood was full of English language schools for young South Korean students. Essentially their parents...

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Le 14 juillet, Paris

I'm finally able to sit down and spend a few hours editing my pictures from my trip to Seoul last year. I'm a bit slow at this because life gets in the way, plus I'm also reluctant to spend my time sitting in front of the computer when the daylight hours...

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Korean Dakdoritang (Sweet and Spicy Chicken Stew)

I know, I know. It's summer right now and I really shouldn't be eating this but I'm addicted so here it is. Dakdoritang (Korean spicy chicken stew with potatoes) was my first real meal when I arrived in Seoul. I had to get up early in the morning to avoid...

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