Did my Philippine stories get you down? Here, let me fix that with some lovely flowers. It is springtime once again and Victoria is in bloom. Spring is my favourite time of the year. It’s the time when nature comes alive after a long, much deserved nap during the cold, rainy and depressing months in the winter. As a creative person, I need colours and light in order to survive. In the dead of winter, that is when I do crazy things like sign up for a painting class just so I can see and feel colour again. It seems like spring and the gorgeous flowers arrive just in time to save me from the darkest stage of my colour deprivation and give me a much needed boost of energy and optimism.

One of the good things from the insane amount of rain that we get here in the West Coast during fall and winter is the abundance of flowers. They come in all shapes and sizes and every imaginable shade of vibrant gorgeous colours. First the crocus and the daffodils break the frozen ground. Then the city streets are lined with delicate pink cherry blossoms. The magnolia buds start to open. Then the tulips start to come out. The trees are slowly and steadily turning green. It starts to warm up. The day light lasts much longer and the sky is blue. Instead of rain, we get the soft mist that filters light and gives it a soft, ethereal quality that I love so much. After a long gray winter, Victoria becomes a living symphony of colours, thanks to the beautiful flowers in bloom.

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